Friday, December 2, 2016

Find Moments of Happiness During A Crisis

Today is the last day of challenges for the section on Learning to be happy dealing with finances. The next section of challenges is called Find Moments of Happiness in Dealing With A Crisis.

A crisis moment can occur any time in our lives. From job loss, to losing someone we love dearly.

Those of us on this side of loving someone addicted to heroin, opiates and powerful drugs often find ourselves in a crisis especially when their addiction escalates and you who loves them can see the devastation their lifestyle is causing and there is nothing you can do but stand by watching.

A crisis can occur at any moment. Maybe it is the stresses of just loving your addict. The sleepless nights filled with worry. The anxiety and fear this addiction causes to those who love someone suffering addiction.

The worry alone is enough to cause increased blood pressure, as well as we seem to not take care of ourselves. We eat things that aren't good for us. Often just dealing with the emotions can lead to depression.

The stress and worries can cause pains in places we didn't know existed. Our bodies ache. Our heads hurt. Our stomach aches.

Following the steps of Nar Anon helps us in our daily lives. Once we start taking them we find a new freedom and a feeling of happiness returns. We don't forget our loved one nor the disease of addiction but we find new ways of dealing with our own pain as well.

Just taking the first step of Nar Anon you will notice the healing process has begun. You learn from mistakes made and you will find the true meaning of peace and serenity.

No matter how far you have fallen into the insanity of loving someone suffering this disease of addiction, you will soon see all of our stories are the same and sharing our own experiences often helps another family dealing with their crisis.

The more you come to Nar Anon and the further into your steps you soon realize that the feelings of uselessness and self pity soon disappear. You gain insight into helping others through your own experiences.

As you start walking the steps in your daily lives you will notice that you are taking more of an interest in other things- perhaps a hobby that you have.  You will start to gain a better insight of the disease of addiction. You will learn the ways to manage your daily life, gain self control over feelings and soon life takes on a whole new meaning.

You will have a whole new attitude and outlook on life. You will learn that often just a kind word or just telling another person/family dealing with this crisis that you are praying for them is often what they are wanting to hear.

All of the fears, worries and insecurities will soon start to disappear and you will learn how to deal with many situations- no matter how small or big in a more positive manner.

The more you continue saying, "I didn't cause this. I cannot control this addiction or my loved one who uses and I certainly cannot cure it" you will find yourself believing those words and hence gaining wisdom.

You will learn and realize that God and our Higher Power is doing for you what you couldn't do for yourself.

So, take care of yourself first in any crisis. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and sleep. Make sure you are eating healthy and IF at any time you feel the need to talk to someone please call a local counselor to talk with them.

For more details about our local Nar Anon, please feel free to contact Tina or Lisa from The Hope Dealer Project.

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