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New Years Blogging and Resolutions

Congratulations on
your Recovery
Lately, I've had a few moments when I'm not working to think back over 2016. 2016 gave us words like...

HOPE, healing, recovery, community, new friends.

Boy, what a year 2016 was. I have so much to be thankful for in 2016. The new friends we met. Our sons new life in recovery.

2016 started out with our son relapsed in his addiction to heroin and opiates. As the months clicked by his addiction reaching some times of unknown filled with stress and
worry. Within just a few short months into 2016 his addiction took him in a downward spiral.

His addiction took a turn for the worst in May, 2016 when we first learned from those whom he was speaking to that he was talking crazy talk; suicidal talk. We spoke with a member of the crisis team for help. Because we didn't know where our son was we had to rely on prayer and our Higher Power to get us through the days and the nights.

We learned in June about many overdoses he had. I don't know about you but when someone you love is telling you about their overdoses it does something to you. It breaks you inside. Knowing he was doing it on purpose with intention of ending his life rips your heart to pieces.

He told us in July that he was tired of living like that and didn't know where to turn. So he was intentionally overdosing on heroin, Xanax and cocaine to end it all. The end of June and into early July he was searching for fentanyl. He was going to overdose on straight fentanyl. The bottom had dropped out from under him. He felt even God had turned his back on him and didn't care about him anymore.

The full revelation of just how far he had fallen really wasn't known to us until July. July tenth is the day that he chose to live. A new life, A new beginning. That was the day we left Martinsburg with him to take him to Huntington, WV to what would be his healing grounds.

Many thanks to Justin Ponton from The Newness of Life for all that you do and for your love for those from our community who are suffering in their addiction. We love you!  God Bless you and the work you are doing for those suffering addiction.

Our addict is in recovery each and everyday. He is a brand new life in recovery, in healing from the disease of addiction. He is walking and talking in a new life. He is stepping up and taking the steps to put his life back together and cleaning up the mess his addiction left behind.

2016 was definitely the year for transformation and giving thanks to God and My Higher Power for what he did to restore the life of our young son.

I started this blog right after our April, Memorial and Vigil at the then site of the proposed Rehab Center here in Martinsburg. It was to be at 750 Baltimore St. As I reflect back over these last eight months at where we were in April and where we are at today our community has made some leaps and bounds haven't we?

I have had some moments of looking back over the past months and how this all started- the revolution, the recovery of Martinsburg, WV. We were many voices speaking the same language and we've come so far. My prayer is that not more person will overdose on this poison; Not one more family will lose someone they love to this disease of addiction.

In April I was tired of living in the stigma that my sons addiction had caused. I stepped out of the dark clouds and invited others to join me. I can remember months of praying about it, knowing I needed to do something. I had an idea but that meant stepping out of my comfort zone and into the spotlight. I knew I needed help.

For one, I am not a public speaker. I get nervous and jittery. I was led to reach out to Mr. James Boyd, who in my opinion he and his wife are angels in this community where this heroin epidemic is concerned. James has been an advocate of change here in Martinsburg. His message of #stay stopped continues reaching many addicts in our community.

That day as we stood there, it felt as if we were standing on the healing grounds of Martinsburg, WV

The video highlighting that day in April Click HERE to watch.

What a message of HOPE and HEALING on that day given by Mr. James Boyd. I watch this video a lot. Thank you James Boyd for standing with us at that gateway, for helping us and for your voice of recovery for Martinsburg, WV. You have a voice when many of us have lost ours.

You have given your time and energy to this fight and for that we are deeply grateful. God Bless you Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd. None of this would even be possible without your help, time and energy.

Thank you Winchester Hopkins for the video highlighting that day in April as we stood on the healing grounds for our community.


We are still in need of a treatment center here for treatment on demand. When those addicted are ready we have to have the bed available right then. Still today many are having to wait for a bed to open up. We have

We now have a Recovery Resource Center under the direction of Coordinator, Kevin Knowles. We now have a 12-16 bed Detox Center that will be opening soon. There are several Sober Living Homes opening up soon.

We have come a long way, but as long as we still have the numbers of overdoses and the numbers dying we still have a ways to go.

The idea for this blog in April was to help others who love an addict. I wanted to share my links of information.

I love to write- mostly humor- but this time was different. There is nothing humorous watching a loved one dying from drug addiction while you stand back watching and there is nothing you can do but love them. This blog started with links and with venting and has grown so much in the past eight months. More than I ever imagined.

I am truly humbled as I looked at my blog stats. It has had 9,548 hits and the growing numbers of daily readers. Thank you so much for reading!

New to the blog...

After noticing the numbers of readers from many countries outside of the United States I have added the Google Translate to my blog.

So I have been thinking for a few weeks about New Years and my resolutions which BTW due to procrastination I hardly ever keep. Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them? It seems year after year I say the same things, reach for high goals which are unobtainable.

This year is different I thought what if I start small? So, here it goes

In 2017

I want to go on a real vacation. We haven't been anywhere for a vacation for eight years. I really want and need a vacation.

I want to go camping more. There is nothing more relaxing than campfires and s'mores.

I will not just set on my couch and wait on change. I will go outside and make changes myself- even if it means going outside of my comfort zone.

There will be a time or two that I will BE the change which is outside of my comfort zone.

I promise to smile and laugh more.

I will be More positive and less negative

I promise to be excited even if I don't feel excitement.

I want to do new things.

I will throw away the clutter.

I will delete the negative on Facebook

I will go to bed early and wake up early.

I will be fierce.

I want to de-stress my life

I will try to show more gratitude

I will do things that challenge me.

In all things I will be brave.

I just want to be happier in 2017

I noticed the other day all of these bits and pieces of ideas of stories started and just setting there in my DRAFT folder. So one of the challenges of 2017 will be to finish them and get them posted.

May each of you reading have a happy and blessed New Year. May we see a lot of changes in 2017 so that not one more person suffers in their addiction and not one more family suffers after a loss.

pic belongs to Kyle Koontz

video by: Winchester Hopkins of Martinsburg, WV

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