Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Stigma: When Will This Stop?

Lately I've read a lot of posts on Facebook relating to stopping ignorance and hate yet those of us in the stigma of the disease of addiction especially when it relates to heroin know that there is a lot of ignorance relating to this disease and we read the words of hate when it relates to an overdose death and the crowd leads with cheers.

We, on this side of the addiction weep when we hear that another person has lost the ultimate battle of this disease. We weep for the families who must endure grieving for their loved one. We weep for yet another funeral a family must endure. We weep for the children who have lost a parent. We weep because we know but for the grace of God this could be our loved one. We weep because we know that our loved one is walking on borrowed time. It is time for community healing from this terrible epidemic that has besieged our community.

Riding around this town I notice the many homes with their curtains pulled shut and the blinds closed on their windows. It's time to open the curtains and the windows and look outside. You will then see it is already in your neighborhood.

When Will This All Stop?

An Open Letter To The Addict Haters

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