Friday, December 9, 2016

The Holiday's And Grief

With so many lives lost to the disease of addiction with the holiday season upon us so many parents, children and loved ones who will spend the holidays without their loved ones this year.

As I was reading through the list of those names on my page Never Forget Them Always Speak Their Names I was reminded of the pain that these families will suffer through the holidays.

A week or so ago I read a link to a story, The First Holiday Season Without Me and I continue to pray for those families locally through this holiday season who have lost their loved ones to this disease.
"The holidays are approaching, they were always so big when I was little. Thanksgiving was a feast, you always were the best cook mom. I think what I miss most is your homemade cranberry sauce. I know how trivial this sounds, but I miss so many little things that I took for granted.    
Christmas was always magical , both of you went to never ending lengths to make it so. I could always tell whether you wrapped the presents or if dad did. He needed a lot of help.
We always would decorate the tree together, you still have all the handmade ornaments I made throughout my childhood years. Mom treasured them and we always spent time reflecting on the memories attached..."

Read More>>>>>>>>>>>>>@ The First Holiday Season Without Me

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If you are suffering this holiday and need someone to talk to, or you are depressed please reach out to someone!

If you know someone who is depressed or needs someone to talk to call them, reach out to them. Just a phone call to them  to let them know you are thinking about them this holiday season may be all they are seeking. 

Remember: Keep the list of the Important Holiday Numbers I have posted on hand just in case you need them

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