Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beware Of Scams: Multimillion Dollar Indictment

This week in the local news the story came out about the seven local residents are accused of operating illegal bingo and raffles for a fraudulent charity known as Kids Against Drugs of W.V. Inc. and doing business as Big Bucks Bingo, according to an indictment announced this morning by U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld. The defendants were able to pocket over $7 million through the games, Ihlenfeld said.

I am not going to be judge and jury here on my blog but if this is all true and they used this as a means of scam to pad their pockets then yes they should have to pay.

For one, people are desperate in this town for answers and results to this heroin epidemic. Nothing is magical! But when you have an entity or group scamming that has anything to do with the words Kids or Drugs then yes in my opinion they should be brought to trial and their story unfold before a jury. This is unspeakable! We can't have people assuming scams under bogus names to pad their pockets with the proceeds and think that it is okay to do this.

Personally I have lived here my entire life and I want to know what this group Kids Against Drugs of WV, Inc. did FOR their group and for helping Kids and Promoting Kids Against Drugs. What did they do preventive and awareness? Most of us had never heard of them until this group was brought to the surface.

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