Friday, September 16, 2016

Up For Discussion: Just How Easy Is It For Your Child To Score Some Heroin?

I recently read a comment shared on Facebook. It said,
"If you work in a bar, a liquor store, a grocery store, a convenience store or a retail which sales beer, wine, liquor or cigarettes you must obey the laws set down by the government and enforced by the ABC regarding products. You must card each person purchasing these "Of Age" items. Funny we say "Of Age" because their is no age limit on purchasing drugs like heroin."
For the kids in todays high tech society finding drugs is just a click away on the Internet. On the streets heroin and other drugs is as easy for kids to get as beer and cigarettes. Many kids say they try
drugs out of boredom not realizing many drugs will have them hooked just trying it one time. Young kids today on social media like Facebook could easily attract an unwanted friend.

Heroin Inc. is big business today. Their shop is on every street U.S.A. Why travel outside the house when the W.W.W. and the Internet is one finger click away? For instance these links:

Online pharmacies are all over the world wide web. The Tianeptine Store. Who needs a store when you can just purchase it on Ebay? Tianeptine On Ebay If the link doesn't work, type into Google search: tianeptine ebay and see what comes up. That is how I found it. OR go to ebay itself and search for it among the millions of products sold on ebay and see what you find!

Welcome To Rave Party Pills
The Legal High
Counter Culture
Access The Silk Road

Kids today are into the gaming rage. Just who is your kids gaming with? Could gaming for your teen be the 'new' drug culture? The list goes on and on. Youngsters and imagination is only one keystroke away. Become an informant or snitch and get listed on Who's A Rat? dot com.

We definitely need more student awareness along with parental awareness in the schools.

So, now it's your turn...

Just how easy do you think it is for your child to score some heroin?

Do you know what your kids are doing every minute of every day?

Do you know who your kids are talking to or hanging out with?

What if they stumble on a webpage of living the JunkE Life?

Maybe you are as confident as the mother of teenagers that I just talked to who is very confident because her young teenagers are involved in scouting that they will be okay and stay away from drugs. I am happy she is so confident that she believes Scouting USA will be enough.

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Thank You to those reading! You guys are amazing!

More Student Awareness Is Needed
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