Sunday, September 25, 2016

Solution: Overdose is A Preventable Death

When you think about this heroin epidemic in our town and the communities here it doesn't take but a minute to start figuring out what is needed here. In this country overdose deaths are the leading cause of death among our young generation of people. Our children are dying and at a higher more alarming rate.

The high numbers of Overdose and Preventable Death

Our numbers of OD's and OD causing death continue to rise.
Drug use and the disorders that go along with it are still going untreated.

Our town officials and the local media need to stop using the catch phrase, "Dispelling Rumors" when referring to this heroin epidemic here! What rumors? There is no place for the word rumors in the discussion about this heroin epidemic. The numbers we have is data and statistics!!!!

We need to remove certain words from our vocabulary when speaking to others about our heroin problems here.

Many in leadership roles need to stop acting like they have all of the answers to the problems. If that were the case, why are they waiting all of these years to find a fix to the problem and correct it?
Of course this is just my opinion. They should be open to listening to what others have to say about it and maybe together we can all find the solutions!

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