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EXPOSED: Human Trafficking In the Treatment Industry

Many people are desperate to get their loved ones help and treatment. In doing so we may forget to check out the integrity of the facility that we will be sending our loved ones to. We want them better and trust all who are in the business to rehabilitate lives. That isn't always the case.


Ask lots and lots of questions. If you're not sure which ones are the right ones to ask, here is a guide

Questions To Ask A Drug Rehab

If you don't like their answers or you get a bad vibe steer clear. Anyone running a treatment or recovery center should answer questions. If they don't, why wouldn't they? Walk away.

Next know what you or your loved ones needs are. Will they need a dual diagnostic treatment facility?

Inpatient, Outpatient, Detox, Medically Assisted... the list goes on and on. Just how do you choose which one best suits your needs or the need to the one you are seeking services for?

Which One Do I Choose?

This was posted on Facebook.....BEWARE

Human Trafficking In The Treatment Industry
"I’ll cut to the chase cuz if I write some long drawn out post you may lose interest and miss this. The other night I was approached by somebody for advice at a sober gathering. This man was in treatment and they let him know his insurance had expired and he would either need to reinstate it or possibly find himself homeless. He went and talked to other clients who he said claimed to be “his friends” and they said they know “insurance brokers” that could assist him by getting into another treatment center but on one condition, that he relapses first. They then can assist him in purchasing insurance for him and paying his premium.
He said he was indecisive and asked what I thought. I asked at first how did you get into this establishment in the first place. He said a non-profit organization assisted him by buying him insurance before when he was struggling and listed his name under a Texas address months prior. Apparently, they had stopped paying for his insurance is my guess. There’s all kinds of shadiness associated with those shenanigans.
I told him straight up man those so called friends with connections to insurance brokers aren’t your real friends and could care less about your sobriety if they are okay with you relapsing. I said don’t become a number in their game, they get paid for referring you to the brokers and the brokers get paid by the treatment center. Get a job, go to sober living, stay close to the 12 step community and start valuing your sobriety.
There are crooks amongst us in the industry. Some go as far as placing people in treatment, following their case closely, and tailoring their next relapse BY PROVIDING THEM WITH DRUGS AND MONEY so they can put them into the next center. We call these unstable clients “treatment hoppers” and these “referents” scumbags and human traffickers. This will not be the last time I speak on this topic and all and any of my friends that work in treatment, don’t be surprised if this is happening right under your nose. These guys are ruining our industry on a whole other level and banking on peoples lives.
Also, if you’re aware this is going on and okay with it ask yourself are you're really practicing integrity in your life. You best to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Oops, I guess this turned out to be a long drawn out post. But just making you aware."

This was written by a guy in the So Cal area who has worked at several area rehabs as a case manager, client care advocate, director, etc. Is this something we should share as a **BEWARE** of this type thing announcement? He's not naming names, but we hear about this behavior in our area on a regular basis.

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