Friday, September 30, 2016

Up For Discussion: Should Marijuana Be Legal?

I know this topic has been covered all over the place.
Did you know that the US Government holds the patent on all marijuana in the USA?

I personally am not for or against marijuana- medicinally or recreationally. I did sign a petition awhile back in favor of medical marijuana only because I know people who say it has helped them.

If something can help someone then who am I to say they can't have it?


This is all just my opinion of course. We all have opinions! This didn't come lightly for me because heroin and addiction has torn my family to pieces. I have thought a lot about this.

Now... It's your turn. What is your opinion on this subject of marijuana being legal? Are you for medicinal marijuana? Are you for recreational marijuana use? I am curious about others opinions on this topic of discussion.

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