Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Bikers Against Heroin: First Chilli Cook-Off

I went to the Bikers Against Heroin First Annual Chilli Cook-Off yesterday held at The Rock on Rt. 11 North Williamsport Pike. Included in the events of the evening was a cornhole tournament, a raffle and a dance at the end of the evening.

This pic belongs to: Bikers Against Heroin WV Chapter

The Bikers Against Heroin is a local non profit who is trying to help and raise awareness in our community on how bad this deadly epidemic is and vow to help as many as they can by raising money at fund raisers as well as helping with transporting to rehab and treatment facilities across West Virginia.

This pic belongs to: Bikers Against Heroin WV Chapter

The band was The Dixie Moon Band.

Here are some pics that highlighted the evenings events.

Contestants registering their chilli for the event

President of the WV Chapter Dee Stotylmyer Pierce, Vice President Trina Gletner and Educator Lisa Everhart telling the crowd about the Bikers Against Heroin and what they stand for in this community.

The money raised last night will go to Kevin Knowles Coordinator of our new Resource Recovery Center which will open one day this week.

Judging the Chilli for this event was Left: Kyle Koontz, Middle: Candidate for WV Delegate Christy Santana and setting is Josh Roseman.

Pictures of the winners coming soon.
pics: © 2016 Gossip Girl

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