Sunday, September 25, 2016

SOAPBOX: I Am Still an Angry Addicts Mom Here...

I will not argue and I will only give this topic a minute of my time with this soapbox post.

Recently when I heard from someone that someone in position had referred to this blog and I guess to myself as, The Mommy Bloggy let me tell you I was very offended by that labeling of my blog and yes I did get angry at that. How dare someone?

My son may be five and a half hours away at a recovery house, recovering from heroin and other substances that he abused daily and not using today however I am still an angry addicts mom!

Let's not pretend wink wink. I am getting a little better with the anger issues until, wait for it, wait for it...

My head was screaming, Mommy Bloggy? And yes some other words that aren't appropriate. Let's just say, I took offense to that term associated with this blog!

Most of all I was very offended that someone standing in the shoes of a public and community
official would refer to my stories and this page as if it were a mockery. So Yes, I got very emotional at that notion! To say my blog is rumors and controversial I beg to differ.

Just what part is rumor of a heroin epidemic in this town?
Where is the controversy of this heroin epidemic here?

Everything is statistical and factual data!

Oh yeah I see. Maybe it is just let us get our thoughts off those who speak the truth about heroin and this epidemic. I can always tell when I have hit raw nerves speaking out about this topic that needs to be talked about!

So, now that I've had a moment to calm down a little and for those inquiring minds- the correct term to use would be Mommy Blog or Mommy Blogger. I personally do not consider this blog to be in either of those categories!!!!

For one, this blog was started to tell our story about loving a son who has an addiction to heroin and opioids. Then it started growing with links to help others, then information that I thought others needed to read as well as providing local information on our heroin epidemic here in Berkeley County and Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Many of the personal stories and posts are written from many emotions associated with loving a son addicted to this powerful drug.

YES- I am mad!
YES- I am angry!
YES- Sometimes I vent and rant!
YES- Sometimes I am happy!


YES- Sometimes I am all of the above at the same time.

All of which are natural responses by the way when you love someone addicted to heroin and other drugs!

Then with the help of a friend who helped calm me down and brought me back to earth. And made me laugh when they said, "Calm down scooter, you are a mommy!"

So, here we go no rant or vent...

Yes, I am a mommy to four adult children. Heroin and opioid abuse has affected my family. We have a son who has used and abused this drug (and others in combination with heroin) for twelve years now!

Many years ago when we were in the early years I reached out to some local officials. I was told my son was trash. I was told that I should have raised my kid better!

How dare you?


I will not behave like a good little minion.

I will not set down and shut up.

For all of those with inquiring minds this blog is but a smidgeon of my emotions and what I really feel on a daily basis! You should hear what is really in my mind!

If I don't trust the local leaders and politicians here in Berkeley County or Martinsburg... so be it! I am allowed those feelings!

If I want to be mad, angry, vent and rant at that... so be it! I am allowed all of those emotions!

pic from: Keep Calm and Carry On

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