Friday, September 9, 2016

Heroin Is: An American Epidemic

It really amazes me the people who still in todays world think that this can never happen to them or someone they love or to their family.

I often wonder if way back in the 1980's if we as young parents had the information available today would we be dealing with a son with addiction problems to this drug?

Heroin is the worst Public Health Crisis America has Ever Seen is unfolding before our eyes. Kids Are Dying, Families Are Devastated. It's An American Epidemic!

It is in every town big or small. Heroin affects those from all walks of life. This drug is no longer seen as only affecting the poor or the lower income. People of all walks of life are addicted.

Not talking about heroin has been the problem all along. Finding solutions to this epidemic will exceed outside of the village and each and every community. The biggest problem is the devastation it leaves behind.

For more information you can visit the webpage @ An American Epidemic You can also visit their Facebook page @ An American Epidemic

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