Saturday, September 17, 2016

Heroin Does Not Wear A Mask

I have been thinking about this for the longest time. You know I think there are so many out there that believes that heroin wears a face mask.

I often read posts on social media relating to the disease of this addiction and to heroin abuse using the Walking Dead relating to it. Too many people are looking for the faces of...

If this is what you're looking for you will miss it!!!!

Take a good look at your spouse, your child, your loved one your friend does that person look like a character from the Walking Dead? So, just how do you know that they are not using and abusing heroin or other drugs?

The harsh reality is that you don't really know. So, stop looking for the signs in any character or slogan or you'll miss it!!!!!

Maybe that is the problem. Relating it to the Walking Dead and to zombies that is what some are looking for, zombies. Uh no. Look at the person beside you. Do they look like a zombie? How do you know that person is not using and abusing heroin?

The quick answer is you don't. That is because they look like normal people. They look like the doctor, the lawyer, the policeman, the clergy, the grocery store clerk. Heroin doesn't wear a certain face or color. Heroin doesn't wear a mask and is not a character in a movie! Heroin is real. It will destroy those that you love.

This is just one of millions of the real face of heroin....

And this my friends....

Is the harsh reality of the powerful grip of heroin on a life and what will do....

The words relating to this picture was shocking and graphic... they may be. WAKE UP!!!! This is the reality of heroin!!!!! Some of us live or lived it everyday of every week of every month!!!!!
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