Friday, September 16, 2016

Dear Drug Dealer

Many of you probably won't understand this post. I am beyond pissed right now. Our son had to come back to take care of some legal matters pending.

The minute he stepped into Martinsburg he was spotted by the ghosts of his past who know that he went away to get help, but that doesn't stop them now does it?

Fortunately he doesn't want that life anymore. He is loving the new life he has. He called us right away to come and get him and we're providing a safe haven for him. His ex fiance' is also providing a safe haven for him.

Let me tell you I am not a calm person today! I am beyond pissed off! I am trying to watch my language which is very hard when I'm as pissed as I am right now! I am the mother bear and the tiger hear me roar Mr. Drug Dealer. We know you. Do not mess with me. I will snatch your face and rip it up!!!!!!!!

Dear Drug Dealer,

I know you really don't care, but I could care less right now about your feelings or even what you go through. Anything that would happen to you doesn't even come close to what we go through on this side of the addiction.

The bad part is we know who you are. We don't really know you personally like that because we don't associate with those like you but we know you through mutual friends. Oh I remember the day at the picnic at so and so house and your "hello Mr. and Mrs." and your, "How are you today?"

Really! We know now that while you were acting all sweet talk to us, that our son had been going to you for months and that his soul now belonged to the drug... heroin. Don't ever play that again with us and let's not pretend okay? We know you now!

Since you think you know us that well let me really introduce us. We know you don't really care but, we are the family that you destroyed. We are the parents of the child that you have destroyed with your poison for your own profit and greed.

I know you don't care about us or the person you chose to take away from us with your evil poison for profit. He was our child. A child who once had a brilliant mind and could have been anything in this world he wanted to be until heroin consumed him. Now look at him! Oh he's still our son, but he is just the shell of the person we knew right now.

He was a child I labored with for many hours. A child we nursed when sick. A child we nurtured and clothed. A child we molded from a tiny little person through the toddler years then through young childhood. Then came the teen years and all of those ups and downs dealing with puberty issues but we made it!

We thought we had molded him and into the young adult we hoped would be a successful person and a great asset to our community when he was ready to spread his wings on his own many years ago. Unfortunately, he met you and because of your poison you have only left us with the shell of a person we hardly recognize anymore.

All we can do now is set by helplessly watching as you destroy someone we care and love so much. You didn't even know us like that so how could you want to hurt our family the way you have hurt us? Then when you run into us you act like we should accept it. Really!

Or maybe you think we are that dumb and stupid that we don't know what you really do. We didn't way back then that day, but we know what you are all about now! Wink Wink

You took the person we care and love so much and turned him into a monster who only cares about getting his next fix. What you have broken, you also drag us down. Lately, we only have time for eat, pray and sleep and soon the next day is here we the cycle continues-day after day.

Constant prayers and praying to God to please make a change in our sons life; often prayers to please take him home so he doesn't suffer anymore because selfishly I cannot bear it anymore.

Each time the phone rings- dreading to hear it thinking is this the call telling me our son is gone... forever. Each time someone knocks on the door my heart hits the floor. I don't want to answer in fear that they are standing there to bare me the news that our son is gone... forever.

You are nothing but a filthy monster who sets back thinking nothing can touch you, not even the law.

Trust me there will come a day when real justice will prevail. On this earth you hide like the coward you are. What you have done to families (and not just mine) there will come a day that there will be no place for you to hide.

Karma on this earth will seem like a day at an adventure park compared to the Karma when you meet your maker.

For every family you have destroyed and for every person you have crushed with your poison for your own profit- Karma will come back to you a million times over.

I hope for your sake that God has mercy on your soul because right now I don't. I hope God forgives you for poisoning lives because right now I don't. I try each day to forgive you but right now I cannot forgive you for what you have done to our family and the child that you have taken from us.

We The Parents of That Heroin Addicted Child

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