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Be Careful Of Your Words and What You Say Today...

After some emails here it comes.... Remember, Be careful of your words and what you say today...

Words can sometimes come back to bite!
I think this post is going to go out to those who walk around wearing their high heels on their cloud with the attitude of...

This won't happen to me.

How many of you know someone like that, though? Let
me tell you, I and all the other parents affected by this heroin epidemic never once said,

Hmmm, I think I'll raise a child to be a heroin addict.

My personal share:

I was married in 1981. We are the parents of four children. The first was born in 1982; the last 1988. We raised our children here in the 80's and 90's. They were very small when the Crack Circus (also known as The Hill) rode into this town. I remember my mother always told don't ever say, Not Me or Not I. Those words can sometimes come back to bite.
I think back and I don't know if I ever said Not Us, Not Me or Not I relating to what was happening in this town with the crack explosion on The Hill. When your kids are younger what parent doesn't think their children are angels?


Relating to this heroin epidemic here in Martinsburg, and to the daily overdoses and also heroin-related deaths I have read the harshest and craziest statements which I won't name, at least not now regarding those affected by this epidemic. How can a mother with a babe still hanging on the teet make such a harsh judgment on another parent as I have often read?

Her child is still toddling around the playpen what does she even know about child rearing? Childbirth doesn't make you the Know-It-All of child rearing. If that were the case I and all the others wouldn't be facing this with those we love and gave birth to. Maybe I had mine too early but when did newborns start arriving with the manual? None of my kids ever came with one!

To those young parents:
In the words of my mother:

Be careful what you speak!

Also be thankful there are those of us who are coming out to fight this epidemic in the hopes that you parents of very young children do not ever have to go through what we have faced with having your loved one addicted to heroin.

You can be that helicopter parent too but...
I was too! Just ask my kids. I was on my kids like a hawk grocery shopping in a field- trust me! If we didn't know a family our children were not allowed to associate outside of school with those we did not know.
If we didn't know families personally, our children didn't attend those slumber parties.
When they were younger and into their teen years our children were involved with the youth group at church. They were in Missionettes and Royal Rangers.
I tried to stay involved with my kids. We talked openly and honestly in our home about many things- including drugs. We were offered the material to talk about it in the home. We made our kids make us promises they would never try drugs and guess what? That never stopped one of them from becoming addicted to heroin.

I do not have the magic words to give you. I do know that you can do all the right things and still end up with a child addicted to heroin.

(This post came as a result of some trolling of the blog and a few email I received.)

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