Sunday, May 8, 2016

Signs of Heroin Use

Some of you may wonder just what are the signs?...

KKEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE BE AWARE OF WHAT'S OUT THERE AND WHAT THEY'RE AROUND!!! Signs of Heroin Addiction | The “most important tool for prevention”:

It is really hard when the addict is an adult who doesn't live in your home. I know, we have missed the early signs both times.

I can add to this...

  • If your child or someone you love is constantly begging for money in the same increments- $20 $40 and $60 at a time, and it is becoming a daily thing
  • They will lie especially about $20 for gas- to look for a job, got to go talk to someone about a job etc...
  • Check your spoons in the house. If your spoons seem to have disappeared, are bent or have scorch marks on the bottom of them. My son didn't live with me and I suddenly noticed my dollar store bought set of spoons was gone.
  • If your loved one suddenly cannot keep a job
  • If you find that they are sleeping all of the time
  • No attention span when talking to them. They appear they are nodding out which is what it is called.
  • Uncontrollable eyes- especially when they are under the influence of heroin. Their eyes appear all over the place.
  • Under the influence their speech is slurred but you cannot smell alcohol.
  • Stolen items from your house are not often obvious for several months. Of course if you came home and all of your electronics were missing, your outside central air unit is gone or all the copper wiring in your home was gone that is the most obvious. Normally at first it's the small items and often of value and irreplaceable family heirlooms.

Honestly if my children were home in this day and age and cellphones and computers I would check these each and everyday to see exactly what they are communicating.
Or at least put an app on their phone that you can monitor their texts, IM's and personal messages. I know this doesn't always help because of the many apps now for IM, Snap Chat and many more like this. Be vigilant....

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