Monday, May 2, 2016

There Is A Support Group For Children

I recently learned that there is a support group for children quite similar to NarAnon. It's called S.T.E.P.

Among the many things offered by STEP is Mental Health Services-weekly discussion groups led by licensed social worker, individual counseling, family counseling, case management

Here is the information for STEP:

Contact Liz Lundberg
Phone 304-260-0400

613 Winchester Ave in Martinsburg WV. It is located near the Rite Aid
Their website is found @ S.T.E.P. Success Through Empowerment Program

I haven't yet had a chance to contact them to get more information on this program. Due to having young grandchildren myself I know that children need a place to go too. They need a place with other children who are going through this so that they know they are not alone. They need a place where there is no ridicule or fear that their parents, grand parent, aunt or uncle or loved one will not be arrested and put in jail.
Trust me, many children will clam up because of that fear. They do not want to see their loved one go to jail. They want them to be well and get better again and free of the addiction.

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