Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Hurts The Most? The Children

Often the families of the addicted hurt the most. The children of the addicted are what matters the most.

Two of our grandchildren ages nine and eleven have been affected by heroin and their parents addiction for their entire lives. I'm going out on a limb here to say that I believe in my heart both of these children were born addicted to heroin. You can call it what you like. I am calling it what it is.

Recently while we took them to the park to visit us they told us how this has hurt them.

Their dad- who is currently using and addicted after a relapse
doesn't visit them. They miss him. They are afraid that he will be arrested for things he is doing due to using and abusing heroin. Most importantly they are terrified  that he will die from heroin addiction.

They need their dad.

As we know, the addict I am sure knows all of this, but for reasons heroin is what is important.

These kids told us about living next door to So and So (they named them) the drug dealer. They told us that the drug dealer has threatened them
They told us about the time their mother overdosed after the dealer came over to shoot her up.
How they found her in the bathroom turning blue with foam coming out of her mouth and nose.
How when they ran to call 9-1-1 the drug dealer threatened them he would punch them in the face.

That shit is not cool... It is not acceptable by any standards

You called my mom asking about what our son did? Don't be the meddling gossip. Here is what you should be worried about... Asking the questions...

You should be worried your daughter OD'd in front of the children.
You should be worried about the drug dealers threats
You should be worried that one of those grandkids has a Facebook at eleven that is not being monitored by the parent you chose to give them back to.
You should be worried that he has drug dealers as friends on his Facebook page.

Instead of worrying about the adult there and protecting her and worrying about other matters and probably scared of what is going to come out in all of the legal proceedings, you should be worried more that

You entrusted them back to your addicted daughter
You should be more focused on preventing this cycle from repeating in these children's lives.

And when I snapped like a sequoia tree in the forest a couple of weeks ago... You may wonder... This is why!!!!

I am not that same person I was the last time during their co-addiction.

I don't care that you deleted me from Facebook- I'm not in high school.

What I said was all truth. We don't understand the reasoning behind not allowing us to see, contact and visit the grandkids. Who do you think hurts the most with you doing that?

The last time around you said to me on the phone when I told you I would help with them and we could take them every other weekend you said and kept repeating it for five minutes...

"You can visit them here."

Why would we want to only be able to visit them there at your home? When the source of the problem would always be there as that reminder to us?

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