Thursday, May 26, 2016

What Is The Real Problem?

As I set here typing and shaking my head I still cannot understand. We have a heroin epidemic here. We have so many more rising up out of the stigma of society now than ever before to say, "We Have Had Enough" and speaking out louder than ever before.

We are growing stronger by the numbers. We will not go away!

I myself this year rose out of the ashes of the societal stigma
to scream it and if I have to I'll go to the highest mountain to scream, 

We Have Had Enough.

Our law enforcement officials are saying it is bad

Our local political leaders are now seeing how bad it really is

Yet, here we still set. Are we even closer than we were yesterday?

Yet I shake my head at society wondering, What are people so afraid of? For instance...

The video of the woman in the Chewbacca mask. She has had a million views and shares

The pet, cats and dogs videos get just as much views and shares

Mention the words Heroin, Addict, Addiction and see just how many will be interested?

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and all of those videos that came out all over Facebook,. I see challenges everywhere yet what challenges are people taking for this epidemic?

Since April 24th I wake up to messages asking when will we have another. In total 75 to 100 people have messaged me over a period asking WHEN?

I have started planning another event that I hope will be greater than the last. I know we need more awareness. Awareness needs to be on every street corner in this town.

I need to know that if I put all my energy and time into an event that it will attract everyone at the same time and in doing so I get 5 people who give it a like after so many messages?

I cannot put all of my time and energy into doing something alone or if no one else is wanting to do this because I need everyone of you. We need all of the messages out there in one place

This will never work unless we all come together as one voice and with the awareness of all of our messages resonating the same:


Don't Start
Stay Stopped

Since no one else is doing it we have to recognize more...

We Are The Change Here

Recovery Starts Today...
Healing Starts Today...

We have to stand strong on all of the messages. Let's not let our voices go unheard. Let's not let our messages go unnoticed. And never should be ever be defeated in all our purpose.

All of us advocating the same messages and realize that we just can't STOP because many came to watch a video. We can't stop just because our political leaders say, okay we see your point now. We can't stop just because we see our law enforcement doing a little more.

We need to see real action.

We need to always speak about awareness and help those who aren't affected yet

Let's get the treatment centers in place

Let's see more action in stopping the high end trafficking of this poison to our community by law enforcement and guess what...

What about making those high end traffickers pay for the treatment centers? They want to continue bringing in the poison? Then make them pay. Make it harder for them. Make them pay for the destruction of our society and the pain that they have caused so many people.

There are so many who are addicted, there are so many families in pain and suffering. There are so many more we don't even know about.

We have to do something NOW!! Yesterday is too late and we can't wait for tomorrow. What will tomorrow even look like if we do not start... TODAY!!!!

TODAY IS THE DAY TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!! Recovery starts... TODAY!!!!! Spiritual Healing starts.... TODAY!!!!

We need to start treating Today like it is the first day of the rest of our lives
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