Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When The Stigma of Addiction Grips Us...Consider the Lilies

I know and understand that not everyone is dealing with this heroin epidemic here- having a loved one addicted or to those who do have an addiction to heroin What I do know is that it is these times like this that we reach out and often we need some sort of spirituality
for our souls to deal with this and to help us to heal. No one forces you to be religious in order to deal with this.

For me personally, I am a Christian and I rely on my faith to get me through each and everyday of every week; of every month. I am learning to meditate for fifteen minutes everyday. Just to clear my mind and soul. I am also learning aromatherapy and the different oils that help. I am very sensitive to when that around me is out of kilter and unbalanced.

Personally, I know the stigma that you are going through with dealing with a loved one addicted to heroin. I know that society can be cruel on us in many ways- especially their often biting, stinging and unkind words and the lack of understanding.

I've been there. We live there!

In the past we've been told our son is trash by officials for the crimes he committed due to his heroin addiction. We know the embarrassment of others knowing we are going through this- the loss of friends. We know that we often want to find a cave to hide in.

Our son was clean for three years. We've seen him clean! We know he can do it again!

It is only us who love the addict that can see through the addiction and what the addiction has done to our loved one and we see the real person inside of the addiction.

That is who I want back.

In dealing with the stigma of society I often refer to the lilies...

Doesn't it make sense that if Our Creator cares enough about the lilies in the field and the sparrows of the sky that Our Creator also cares for us in our dire times of need and also our loved ones who are addicted to heroin?
Whatever your faith or belief I have found a lot comfort in the words to this song... close your eyes and listen to the words of this song...

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