Sunday, May 15, 2016

WV Drug Report Card

West Virginia had the Highest Rate of Youth Drug Overdose Death Rates, Rate has Tripled in Just Over a Decade

You know we have a lot of work to do when kids are finding ways to chase a high by means of

  • Getting high by ingesting Morning Glory Seeds
  • Young girls putting drugs on tampons and inserting them to get a bigger high
  • Drinking Fizzy Which is putting poppy seeds in water, shaking them really hard to split the seeds and then drinking the water.
  • Smoking Alcohol
  • Eyeballing- Pouring vodka in their eyeball.
  • Drank- Jolly Ranchers, Cough Syrup and Sprite
  • Robo Tripping- Drinking cough syrup
  • Boozy Bears/Gummy Shots- Gummy Bears soaked in vodka
  • Purple Wave, Zoom, Vanilla Sky Cloud Nine- Bath Salts
  • Blaze, Bliss, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Pulse, Hush, Mystery, Earthquake, Serenity, Red X Dawn Stinger, Zohia, Summit, Genie - Names for Spice
  • They are smoking the kitchen spice Nutmeg
  • They inhale Mothballs
  • Beezin- Rubbing Burts Bee's lip balm on your eyelid
  • Cheese- Tylenol PM mixed with heroin. Costs $2
  • Smoking Catnip- Yep the stuff found in pet stores
  • Many more just like these
You may also want to study: The Teen Drug Slang Dictionary For Parents

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