Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The War On Pot

Remember my post should we end the war on pot? It was about West Virginia and where this state stands on legalizing marijuana either for medicinal use and/or decriminalizing it. This post is Part II of West Virginia's war on cannabis. Whether or not we believe or disbelieve that problem is marijuana. Martinsburg and Berkeley County's problem is not with cannabis. This county- heck the entire state- has bigger issues with a bigger drug problem- Heroin, opiate abuses, prescription medications, crack and after a trailer fire ruled a meth lab/meth cook house- just how big is the meth problem in this area?

Before you read on just as a note- It is okay to discuss these types of issues. You would not believe the people who don't like to discuss this issue due to fear they will get into trouble either for the way they feel about an issue or for just saying the words related to drugs. Please know that you cannot get into any trouble for discussing this. That is half of what is wrong with the drug problem in this county now. No one wants to talk about it, or they don't for fear of retribution. 

The entire state of WV has a bigger issue and it isn't pot, cannabis aka marijuana or any of the other names associated with pot. Martinsburg and Berkeley County's biggest problem slash war now is called prescription drug abuse, heroin addiction, crack and now methamphetamine thrown into the mix. 

I am just speculating here, but I think our problem here in Martinsburg/Berkeley County started a long time ago and no doubt dates back to the 70's or early 80's with The Hill and The Big Drug Bust. Remember that one? When all of the key players were rounded up and arrested in one big city/county sweep? 

If you've lived around here that long you probably do remember. After that they had their parades and celebrations with awards and medals the next day when the fanfare was over they all went to sleep. Why? Did they really think that they had drove the dealers out of Berkeley County?

I think either they had too much of a chip on their shoulders or maybe they thought that it wouldn't happen again. Maybe they only just patrolled that certain problem area forgetting the rest of this county. 

What really happened is that the dealers just moved to other more rural areas in the county and laid low until the eyes were sound asleep. During that bust we learned some of the higher ups in our local government had their hands in the kitty. I won't rehash too much of the past or bash any of those names here but what happened after that first bust? 

Almost everyday we can pick up the local paper or look at certain websites and read about so and so arrested for marijuana on occasion a bust over marijuana- what about the bigger drugs?
The heroin? The crack? The meth? Why do they always seem to concentrate investigation on busting users and those addicted to opiates, crack and meth? These are the drugs causing devastation to this community- the burglaries, the robberies, the home invasions. 

A pot smoker won't strip your home of copper or rob you blind!

Not talking about the drug problems in this area has not made them go away. That is the problem now- no one wants to talk about it.
PLEASE NOTE: The intention of this post or any that should follow is not to bash the local law enforcement. The intent is to talk about the issues of drugs in Berkeley County and the real problem.
To be continued....(I am sure)

The Herald Mail Oct 2006 story Busting The Hill © 2014 Gossip Girl

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