Monday, May 9, 2016

Should The War on Pot End?

Now first off before you read this I want to tell you I am advocating Nothing. I am not advocating for marijuana or whether or not it should be legalized or remain on the illegal narcotic list.

In January 2014 WV Legislature introduced HB 4264 a bill that would allow for medical marijuana use in West Virginia. In a poll conducted 56% of West Virginia was in favor of a bill while those opposing were at 34% after a study conducted in 2013.

By the end of January it was not even given a hearing, to go through

the process of voting in the capitol. House and Senate and back. Then to the governors desk. So it didn't pass. With Maryland now joining with the District of Columbia and Virginia now advancing forward as well joining in with many other states to legalize marijuana, West Virginia's HB 4264 will take a back seat once again.

Now first I am not a weed smoker but I am curious about how others especially here in Martinsburg /Berkeley County feel about legalizing marijuana?

  • For medicinal reasons? Or
  • For recreational use like some states?
  • For decriminalizing it? Often simple possession is a misdemeanor.

This is a touchy subject I know. No one really likes to talk about it. Honestly some won't talk about marijuana because they are afraid they will get into trouble. 

Now here is my opinion:

Marijuana/THC is one of the oldest known medicinal plants and was used by the American Indians and is against the law to have in ones possession.

It is a plant with medical properties that I believe was given by our Creator for such purpose.

Heroin was created by Bayer in a laboratory- highly addictive and is perfectly legal for doctors to prescribe it.

If  marijuana has medicinal qualities then those who have medical problems should be allowed to benefit by it's use.
Honestly in my opinion I believe that if marijuana were legalized for recreational use I'm not saying all, but some of our heroin problem may also go away. Many addicted to heroin will use marijuana for medicinal reasons especially when suffering withdrawal.
Many ex-heroin users have told me they use marijuana for other benefits such as sleep disorders.

Look around us. We are not fighting a marijuana epidemic. People are not losing their children due to pot overdoses here. People are not committing crimes related to needing a hit of a joint here.

Martinsburg and Berkeley County is in a battle zone of a heroin epidemic. Heroin is highly addictive. Those who try heroin say they are hooked the very first time. Truth...
Be known marijuana is no less addictive than caffeine which is found in soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and tea- all of which are perfectly legal. 

When I worked in a convenience store I was never afraid of being robbed by a pot head.

Here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County marijuana is not our real problem or our threat.

The real threat to society, to our community and to our families is those addicted to heroin and prescription opiod drugs.

The purpose and intent of this and other posts that I am sure to post on this subject is not intended to advocate anything on marijuana.

Honestly, I think the real war on pot started back in the 1950's. Isn't about time to rethink marijuana? Just who is winning the war on drugs?

It is certainly not working here in Martinsburg/Berkeley County. Those living here cannot deny that Martinsburg/ Berkeley County has a big problem and it isn't marijuana!

I would love to hear your opinions on whether or not to legalize marijuana. Please leave a comment!!!!

More on this topic coming soon!

This post is my opinion

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