Thursday, May 5, 2016

If You Are Reading This Blog...

If you are reading this blog for the first time please read the About This Blog. I am the mother of an adult son addicted to heroin. My posts here are often candid, and as I've been told brutal. I cannot really share my stories though without sharing the pain all of the ups and downs and rollercoaster feelings. I sometimes feel as if I've been run over by a rodeo clown in this. I share it all. Writing is my outlet to just let it all loose and get it all out where my sons heroin addiction is concerned.

Anyone who is going through this knows there are many feelings and emotions dealing with someone we love who is addicted to heroin.

I cannot sugar coat any of my own feelings or emotions and often it shows in my postings.

I want others to know

You Are Not Alone!

Another reason for this blog is that I want to help others just like
you. Whether you are struggling with an addiction right now or whether you love someone addicted to heroin.

I wanted this page in order to keep links of resources here in Martinsburg. If you look to your right on the side bar you will see the archive of many other stories. I have even categorized them in easy to find tabs.

If you wish to get updates, please sign up for the email updates. I apologize that sometimes this page updates about two times per day.

I have a list of community events. If you know of one that isn't listed, please let me know so that I may add it.

You can find a list of local resources. Please look through them. In dealing with my sons addiction I know all too often the resources are out there, but hard to find. If you know of a link not mentioned, please let me know so that I can add it.

We held a

A few weeks ago. It was a success! Many people coming together sharing resources and stories. This was a quiet kind of silent protest to try to gain others attention to the impact that this heroin epidemic is having on many of us. Sometimes we have to show them. We came together and many of us laid candles, pictures and memorials at the site of the proposed treatment center, only to have them taken within twenty four hours and removed.

How thoughtless of someone to do that

I think in doing that it has opened up another part of me that I thought rested. It was after that I started the petition. It also led to a post about questions I have. I know many of you probably read that and do not agree. I dealing with some pretty pissed off feelings here that go way back many years ago and from my own experience.

I want to share others personal stories of triumphs and struggles. If you are struggling with addiction, if you are free of these chains- I want to share these. Many others stories gives others hope. You can remain anonymous if you would like. I respect that.

We have a petition against our city and county council for a much needed treatment center here in Martinsburg. They know we have an epidemic, they proposed this treatment center many months ago and yet remain stagnant. If you want to read our petition you can find it here:

If you agree, please help us by signing the petition and sharing it.

For giggles I often tell people that...Blogging is much cheaper than weekly visits to...
"Today is gonna be a changing day"
Oh yes it is Dr. Phil! Yes it is!!!! Because I often know before the day is over that someone will have crapped in my Cheerios!!! The End...

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