Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Numbers Of This Heroin Epidemic Do Not Lie

You may have heard that a group of us are fighting for the treatment center to be right here in Martinsburg Berkeley County. There are many reasons why. Most importantly are these reasons:
  • No one can deny the numbers.
  • The growing overdoses from heroin and opiates per day.
  • The number of crimes related to heroin opiate addiction
  • The number of deaths related to heroin and opiate abuse.
  • The growing numbers of addicts and those who may try heroin and opiates for the first time today.
  • The number of children of those addicted to heroin and opiate abuse
  • The growing number of babies being born into this epidemic.

None of these numbers lie.

Due to the heroin epidemic this is quickly escalating to a public health concern alone due to the diseases associated with IV drug use.

If we continue to stand by and wait for others to make this decision for us the number of those who try heroin for the first time and become addicted will
continue to grow. The number of overdoses each day will and has continued to grow.  We will continue to lose loved ones to heroin. Children will continue losing their parents to heroin. The number of babies born to an addicted mother will continue to grow.

This is our petition for a treatment center here in Martinsburg, West Virginia:

We are in a heroin epidemic here in our community. We need the treatment facility that has been proposed at the site of 750 Baltimore Martinsburg, WV. Berkeley County has reached the highest level of Drug Overdose daily in the State of West Virginia. We also have the highest Drug Overdose deaths in West Virginia.

Those opposed say "Not in my neighborhood. It's too close to churches. It's too close to the schools. My property values will drop."
We've heard the excuses Not in your neighborhood? Look around you. It's in everyone's neighborhood. Too Close to churches? Inside the city limits where do you think this activity is going on. Right in many of the church parking lots. When the churches here are putting up signs in their parking lots relating to this type of activity. It's around the churches already. Too close to Schools? Are you kidding me? It's already happening already in and around the schools here. Your property values will go down? Show us your statistics that say that.

Berkeley County Council you need to complete a feasibility study. Lack of this was the biggest objection from the City council members who voted against it.

Mayor of Martinsburg, City Council members, Berkeley County Council Members- Wake up and look around you. In case you haven't realized this, the entire county of Berkeley (WV) and the City of Martinsburg (WV) is being consumed because of this heroin epidemic. We have lost way too many already to this epidemic already and will continue lose many more because we need this treatment facility right here in Martinsburg.

Many of the heroin addicted have children. Many, many children in this community have already lost their parents to this heroin and opiate epidemic already.
Those children of the addicted are the future of our community.
Too many people here have already lost someone they love to this heroin epidemic.
One thing that does not deny the need for this treatment center is the numbers as listed:
The growing number of overdoses per day.
The number of deaths related to heroin.
The number of crimes here associated with heroin addiction
The growing numbers of addicts. Those who may try heroin for the first time... today!
The number of children of those addicted to heroin
The growing number of babies being born into this epidemic by heroin addicted mothers.
None of these numbers lie.
Not only do the numbers prove the need for this treatment center this is also rapidly growing into a public health concern due to the diseases associated with IV drug use.
Needles are being disposed everywhere. Parents are finding needles and used condoms in our parks, on the streets and in their backyards.
Everyone is impacted in some way by this heroin epidemic in our town.
If someone is having a heart attack and goes to the hospital- they will get treatment first and then a bed. When someone overdoses on heroin they are lucky if the treatment gets to them in time. If so, they are taken to the hospital, they are treated and released. Why? Because there are no beds available in the places they need to go for help. Why is that you may wonder? Because heroin has taken over most of the communities in West Virginia. There are not enough beds available.

We need this facility here in Martinsburg/Berkeley County so that our own local people will get the help and treatment needed for their addiction.

We are tired of hearing the excuses. We need to see the reality of this treatment center at 750 Baltimore St Martinsburg. Yesterday was too late. We need it today!

To our leaders here in Martinsburg, WV and Berkeley County WV: I just read a quote: "When something major happens in this country it isn't about those who suffer the greatest loss. It is about who profits most and who stands to lose the most money should the problem go away"
If that isn't it- then to prove us who are in favor of this treatment facility wrong. We in favor of this treatment facility at 750 Baltimore St are growing by many numbers. We refuse to be silenced any longer and we will not go away quietly.

If you agree please consider signing and supporting our petition for this treatment center the City Of Martinsburg and County of Berkeley in West Virginia

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