Monday, May 16, 2016

Taking the Baby Steps: Admitting We Are Powerless

So we have now been to five or six NarAnon Meetings now and I think we've finally gotten to the place where we can accept that we've crossed off  Step One 

When we started going to the Nar Anon meetings we were not in denial our son had a problem with heroin and opiates. We knew what it was and we called it that. Our son is an addict and actively abusing heroin.

I wasn't at the place yet where I could admit that I couldn't stop wanting to fix him and to help him get this under control.

On Sunday the steps were read at the meeting and for some reason when I left, the first step was stuck in my head. We talked about it all the way home and then here at home while we were grabbing a sandwich and getting ready for bed. There was no denying it...

We are powerless over heroin and our sons addiction to it. Our lives have become unmanageable.

I am concentrating so much time and energy on our sons addiction that I am not accomplishing the things that I need to get
done in my life and in my home. After forgetting another bill that was due the other day, YES I have got to admit it, cross the step off, and move on. I have got to move away from this step in order to maintain and manage my own life.

To Tina, Dawn, Lisa, Tara, Rebecca (and the others from last night):

We have learned and accept that our sons addiction is an illness and not a moral issue.

We came home last night and was finally able admit and accept that we didn't cause this; we can't control this; and we cannot cure this. It is out of our hands now. We've did what we thought was humanly possible. The rest will have to be up to our son and our Higher Power in whom we put all trust.

We are all each other has so as of now, We come first

The time has come. It is up to our maker and our son.

Thank You for making us realize last night that we have to do this in order to function ourselves.

Now will we stop fighting him? Turn our backs completely? No. We want our son better. We want him free of this disease that has taken control over his life.

We want what is needed right here in our community to treat the disease of addiction.

Our... grandsons and the many other children just like them deserve this.

We are going to know and accept this new freedom and new happiness. We accept those things we know we cannot change.

We cannot work magic and make things happen so we have got to let things happen.

And I cried buckets once more!!!! But I have to let this all go! The rest is up to our son, Kyle.


We are not turning our backs on you. We are saying that the next step is up to you. We more than anyone want to see you free of the chains of addiction. We've seen you do it once. We know you can again.

We are calling checkmate.

It is up to you to reach out to say, you've had enough, you are ready and that you want to be free of this addiction and the hold it has on your life right now.

I have sent you many phone numbers to those who are there to help you. All you have to do is reach out to them. If not to us, then to those who are waiting and willing to help you.

I have sent you Tim Payne and Emily Drewry's phone numbers. They are from Turning Point Of The Eastern Panhandle. They have the resources and the places that can help you. I have also texted you other numbers that you can get in contact with.

The next move is up to you son.

We Love You

Dear Lord,

We admit that we are powerless over our child's addiction
We admit that our lives are so unmanageable when we try to control this.

Help us to understand the word powerless and should it come up remove any denial of any addiction.

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