Monday, May 9, 2016

(Our Story) The Smallest Of Those Gets Hurt The Most...

I don't know if I have shared this but my heroin addicted son has two sons- ages nine and eleven.

Both of those boys parents are heroin addicts. Heroin has impacted those two boys their entire lives. If I have to be honest here I believe both of my grandsons were born addicted.

Why do I think that?

Because... I can remember those very early days when they were first born- how fussy and cranky and just watching them. Of course I was told they had colic. My first grandson was five days old when they called here begging me to take him for the night.

Now I don't know about you other mothers, but I thought that was the craziest thing I ever heard of. What new mother wants her very newborn away from her for even seconds?
When I questioned, I was told lack of sleep.
Hello... Lack of Sleep? You've got to be kidding me princess but like the good grandma I wanted to be I kept him that night and many nights after that.

Now I know because I watched him that night and on other nights and from that time on he was shuffled around to anyone who could keep him for the night.

I've watched the videos on how newborns born into addiction behave.

Let's be honest here. I know!

In case you are wondering I questioned this often. When all was said and done they admitted that her problem with opiates went back then.

Now the second grandson I saw him in the hospital. I remember that visit in the hospital while visiting the baby and his mother in the background screaming to the top of her lungs that she needed Dalaudid.

WTH is that?

I later looked it up. Hmmmmm. I had all the answers I needed.

I remember because of her doing that- that we were asked to leave the hospital. One nurse even told me that I agitated her. What? WTF! I was only visiting the baby!

I had all four of mine without anything for pain. Back in the day we got Tylenol after childbirth. Now, it seems they are dishing out morphine for freaking childbirth? Really. And they wonder why there is such a problem?

Anyway surprisingly they called to tell us they were home. We went and visited the baby. I didn't see him again until he was 5 months old. Every time we visited he was never there. He was always with her family members. They said he was too fussy and cranky and colicky. At five months old we saw him for the second time in his life. That day at five months old, He laid on the floor on his back on a blanket stiff as a board never moving with his eyes rolled back in his head. Oh yeah I questioned that, What the hell is wrong with the baby?

Nothing is wrong with him they said, he's focusing his eyes. Hmmmm.

From there I saw him next when he was a year and half old because he was always with her family for the same reasons they said, cranky, fussy and colicky.

Neither boy was born prematurely or low birth weight but I know! You guys should be thanking the man above that neither or those boys died from lack of medical care in those very early days. Your two boys are intelligent young men. You should be thanking your freaking lucky stars!!!!

Although there is no medical backing it, I know the history and I know both boys were born to a heroin addiction. Stop pretending here...

Let's call it what it is

For more information on the signs and symptoms of a baby born to heroin addiction, please read, Drug Addicted Babies

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