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Things I've Learned From An Addict: Confusing Intervention With Exorcism

To do an intervention or not. First you may be asking yourself what an intervention is. There are several TV Reality Shows of Intervention. Honestly, they aren't for everyone and they aren't as easy as they look on television either. After confronting him many times about his abusing Heroin I got online to read everything I could about Intervention.

Intervening With Intervention:

Woah... This one is a biggy. Have you ever have one of those? Have you ever participated in one? If you choose this measure invest in Kleenex by the cases. You're going to need them!
Start drinking Geritol daily in the weeks prior- you'll wish you would have!

Each family is different. Each user is different. If you wish try this then you should. If you think this is for you and your loved one. Personally we will not attempt this ever again. This can be a highly charged and emotional time for both sides of the addiction.

Let me tell you it is highly un likely we would ever try this again. We had twenty eight of them during his first years of abusing heroin and opiates- and never once reached him.

This is a highly emotional and supercharged time for everyone involved. The user/addict will feel caged and trapped and lash out like a rabid animal and I'm sure like our son blame their ways and heroin use on you and their upbringing and their home life.

Be prepared for the punches. Not physically but verbally. I drink a couple of glasses of wine a week and from listening to my sons accusations against me you would have thought I too was ready for the Betty Ford Center.

If your loved one hasn't already will no doubt at this time start accusing others close to you of using too just to get you off his/her back. Don't listen to their accusations. Trust me I went after everyone he mentioned like he was preaching the Gospel from the Bible.

At first his words literally crushed me. He told us how we did this to him- his home life- because we didn't have a lot of money. His dad was always working.

I do not claim any of it anymore. We did not cause this and we cannot cure this.

We are still not sure why he often verbally attacks me and has been physical with me with pushing and shoving.

No one confirmed it but I believe they lash out like that because they feel cornered and trapped. Of course they want to blame it on something. And they want you off of their back.

Our son even told a police officer that I used drugs his entire life. As hard as it is we have to realize that is how powerful heroin and opiates has on the mind. I can only explain it to others as our son is sick in the head at the moment.

Interventions will drain you of your energy which is why I mentioned Geritol.

Ours however with our son turned into what felt like the Exorcism of Emily Rose, which is why personally intervention isn't for us. He knows already how we feel about his using and abusing heroin and opiates. We don't need an exorcism to tell him our feelings.

The twenty eighth time led to him contemplating and eventually an attempted suicide.

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