Sunday, May 1, 2016

Feedback On Petition: Why People Will Not Sign It...

I wanted to share this here because these reasons signify that people need to be educated on drug use and this heroin epidemic. I feel these responses came from a certain Facebook Group whom some of us know real well. Here is some of the feedback I am reading, hearing and getting on why people won't sign our petition:
  • You can't put a treatment center in the middle of a heroin central
  • We need the money spent on the children in schools not for the drug addicted
  • We need aggressive action into stopping it not a rehab
  • Provide a cost assessment for this treatment center first. We who don't have a drug problem with drugs have a problem with what our money is used for
  • Stop pacifying the addicts at the taxpayers expense
  • I'm tired of working 40+ hours a week and my tax money going for able bodied drug users
  • What is the % of success of these facilities?
  • This will only work for those who want to get clean. People who OD don't want to get clean.
  • I don't want my kids playing ball at Oatesdale Park next to that place.
  • What about these places? (Lists lots of resources) How many more resources to facilities do you people need?
  • Help the kids not the people who choose to destroy there lives. If kicking a habit and being clean is the result someone is looking for they will make a way. But I say no! Not here in town where that funding could be used in countless other places
  • The money and time needs to be spent to stop the drugs coming in!
  • if the abusers were to be jailed and fined when caught just like a drunk driver is it may make the abuser think twice next time. Abusers know exactly what they are doing and getting themselves into - let them fend for themselves!
  • A junkie is a junkie they make a choice to shoot up
  • child molesters can't help themselves either they don't build treatment facilities for them. Drugs and using them is a choice
  • It's not my responsibility to pay for someone's stupid mistake
  • People need to educate themselves on raising their children better
So, after reading these what do you think? I honestly feel that from reading these that we definitely need some public education and awareness.

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  1. What is your opinion on the these responses?