Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why Do We Need This Treatment Center Here?

When someone is having a heart attack or a stroke they are taken to the hospital, they are treated in the emergency room by a great set of doctors. Once they are stable they are then admitted into the hospital often in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital and treatment and tests are started. When you are sick or are having a medical emergency that is how it works right?


If someone is addicted to heroin and they overdose first they are lucky if the treatment gets to them on time. There is still fight over the use of Narcan. Our local law enforcement who is often the first on the scene will not be carrying Narcan Let's say the ambulance gets there to save them because that is what often happens. Then, the addict is taken to the hospital. There they are observed and then discharged.

Why? They too are sick aren't they?
Why are they then discharged out of the hospital to go back to heroin and then take a risk of overdosing again and possibly dying?

The answer is a simple one...

Because there are no beds in the places where they need to go to get treated for the disease of addiction. There is a huge waiting list for those beds to the places they need to go to get treatment for the disease of addiction.

We desperately need those beds right here in Martinsburg/Berkeley County. We need the treatment right here in Martinsburg/Berkeley County to treat our own who are addicted to heroin and want to be free of addiction.

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