Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Moment Of Reassurance That We Are Not Forgotten

I want to thank our Community Recovery Services Coordinator Kevin Knowles who is also a City Councilman for the City of Martinsburg for taking the time to talk to me this morning once again.

I was disheartened hearing the news Friday that the county pulled the appeal against the City of Martinsburg in regards to the proposed treatment center on Baltimore St.

For many of us on this side of the addiction, that was the thread
of HOPE we held onto was the possibility of a treatment center ever coming right here in Martinsburg to treat our own local people.

After hearing and reading the news I sent an email to him.

I am so passionate about the first step in the recovery and healing process being right here in Martinsburg that I lost my way for a moment. My email was full of questions. Questions I have asked any resource or treatment facility that I have ever called to make inquiries about.

We all have a time or two made knee jerk decisions and that was a time for me. A heat of the moment email. It was overwhelming. I apologize. The next time I will call him to talk personally. Maybe I just needed reassuring that he was still on our side of the table?

I don't want to be known as a troublemaker here. I am just a voice among many other voices. At this moment I don't know if my son will ever recover or be healed from his addiction. Eleven (almost twelve) years is a lot of time spent in this addiction.

I do know our son has health problems associated to his addiction all of these years. Just a year ago he was having trouble with his kidneys. We also know from 2009 he has liver damage associated with his use of sharing needles.

I don't hold any hopes that treatment will come in time for our son. We've made those plans already for him and in fact we grieve for him although he is still among the living. I know that is hard for some to understand.

Again thank you Councilman and Recovery Services Coordinator for your time and once again your reassurance that you haven't given up any HOPE for our communities here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County.

BC Moves To Withdraw Appeal For The Treatment Center

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