Thursday, June 23, 2016

Update On Our Son

If you've been reading here or you know us personally then you know that our son has had a problem with addiction to heroin, opiates and other drugs for the past eleven years.

The last I wrote about him we did not know where he was in this county. We still don't know where he is but he has been reaching out to his brother at least once a week and staying in contact with his brother. I have comfort in knowing at least he is reaching out to someone.

This week I will once again try to reach out to him myself but for months he has me blocked from his phone. I get a little recorded message on the first ring that he isn't taking calls at this time. I'm not dumb. I know he has blocked me.

I've sent him texts with information on where and to whom he can reach out to today, but we know this has to be something that he wants for himself. I've had well meaning people tell me, "just drag his ass there." They don't understand this addiction. If that was the solution we would have already did that.

Although dealing with this first hand with our son, I often reach out to others who are suffering with loving someone addicted to this powerful drug.

We still don't know where our son is at or who he is hanging around with. I just pray each day that he is one day closer to wanting to be free of his addiction and to heal.

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