Friday, June 24, 2016

It's Okay: Letting Go of Some Anger

Let me tell you dealing with someone you love and care for who uses and abuses heroin and other drugs is not the easiest place to be.

I have a lot of anger- towards my son, the War on Drugs, Big Pharma groups, Doctors, our sons user friends who can't seem to let him alone, The Dealers and those trafficking that poison here, society and the cruelty they dish out, politicians, the local politicians, local law enforcement because they never really chased down the source of this poison coming into our community, they only criminalized the addicted and those using and abusing. So you see,  you name it- I am angry with it. In letting go of some of that steam I vent a lot.

Those close to me I know get tired of hearing about it so I've started writing it all down just to get it out and let it release instead of holding it all in and then at an inappropriate time it releases on others. It's okay to be angry once in awhile especially with dealing with someone using and abusing.

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