Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WV SB 700 The Bill to Authorize BC to Own/Operate a Drug Treatment Center here in Martinsburg

We also cannot forget what happened earlier this year when WV Senate defeated WV SB 700 with 11 YES to 23 NO which was a low blow dealt to many of us here in Berkeley County and Martinsburg who love someone addicted to heroin, opiates and other drugs.

In case you are wondering, This is was the bill, SB 700 BILL

The Bill to authorize the Berkeley County Council to own or operate a drug treatment or drug rehabilitation facility within the city limits of the City of Martinsburg.

So, who voted yes and who voted no?

Here is the entire list of those who voted against this treatment center SB 700 Votes

Locally these WV Senators voted YES for the treatment center:
Craig Blair (R)
Charles Trump (R)

Locally these WV Senators voted NO for our treatment center here:
John Unger (D)
Stephen Skinner (D)

What is the problem in our West Virginia Capitol?

This is the Heroin Treatment Assessment for Berkeley County, WV 2015
Click Here

Here is the Berkeley County Heroin Treatment Needs Assessment For Berkeley County

I recently emailed every WV State Senator in Charleston, WV If you would like to contact WV Politicians here I have a page listing their email addresses. Their phone numbers can be found on the page as well. CONTACT WV SENATORS


Senator John Unger Opposes the Drug Treatment Bill
Snyder Tries to Stall SB 700

Apparently to our state leaders harsher penalties will end the heroin epidemic?

Harsher penalties takes aim at WV Heroin Epidemic. Meanwhile people continue to overdose here and people continue to die from overdoses.

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