Tuesday, June 28, 2016

OVERDOSE ALERT? There's An App For Heroin Users

Did you know there is an app that may be of interest to those using as well as to those who love someone using and abusing heroin. This is a special app for heroin users that sends out an alert that you may have overdosed.

It is available in the Google App Store and is called Remote Egg Timer Dope Safe.

The app developer is currently working on making the app detect movement of the phone, which he hopes to make the indicator that a person has overdosed—if the phone hasn’t moved since before the timer reaches zero, it’s an indication that the user is not responsive and would trigger the message to the emergency contact. He also wants to be able to provide the GPS coordinates of the heroin user. This is currently in the beta form, but I was reading the reviews for it and all of them seemed like good reviews.

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