Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Challenge: Day #2 Smile More Often

Today's Challenge from the Book, 365 Days To Happiness is to Smile More Often

My Nar Anon Challenge Today :

Just For Today I will Smile even if I don't feel like smiling.

Right now for no reason at all force yourself to smile. Try it, it's not really that difficult to just smile. Now, hold it for a count of ten and deepen it. Mentally affirm,

"I am happy, totally blissfully happy."

Do you notice that in just doing that one small thing that your mood begins to shift? You can't help but feel a little lighter. Now today use that smile to start a smile epidemic. Smile at everyone, everywhere. Even if you're at work and your boss is being a little grumpy today, just smile at him or her.

Smiles are contagious and people are hardwired to respond to the facial expressions they encounter. If you glower down at someone that person will likely return a frown. A smile will evoke a smile and even if you are faking it.

That's right. You're allowed to fake a smile.

Several times throughout the day just smile. Even if you fake a couple of smiles today, having people smile back you can start to genuinely feel happy today.

Live Happy

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