Thursday, June 30, 2016

This Is Why Criminalizing An Addict Does Not Work

We who love someone addicted to heroin have heard others say, "Just Put Them All In Jail" before. I bet you have to. Maybe you thought it was the best thing for someone abusing. Years ago when my son went to jail for the crimes he was committing to get his heroin- the stealing- I thought jail was the place he needed to be. YES- For those crimes he committed.

Sure if you commit a crime,
there should be a punishment. BUT having the disease of addiction to heroin is not a crime. It is a disease. If someone you love had a disease and all you ever heard was, they should go to jail, how would you feel?

Jail is not a detox center. They don't care in jail about those using and abusing heroin. They don't care about the medical part of it. They are not a medical facility. They are a jail.

I saw this the other day. I saved it and I just cannot stop thinking about it because of comments people make about our son. YES he has committed crimes for his addiction. YES he should go to jail, but not to DETOX there.

After watching this video, my heart goes out to this family. I am terrified for our son. He will sooner or later be picked up for his crimes and he will without a doubt detox at the Eastern Regional Jail. This terrifies me.

Our son needs to be medically supervised. He has tried to detox on his own and goes into seizures. Our son has had hundreds possibly thousands of seizures from using, abusing and trying to quit and detox. We don't know how many he has had.

They need to rethink how those using and abusing are treated. They aren't animals. They are human lives. Many are crying out and begging for help. There is no where to send them. The longer they are in their addiction without help, the easier it is for them to slip up and commit a crime and end up in jail.

As mentioned I have thought about it since this video was in my Facebook Newsfeed and I have to share this.... My heart goes out to the family of Tyler Tabor. A Life Lost...

Tyler Tabor - a life lost from Cheryl Hiltzik- TriCuzz Prod. on Vimeo.

Not one person should lose their life like this... ever! They need to rethink the way that those addicted are treated, not for their crimes, but for their addiction to this powerful drug.

Video From Vimeo

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