Friday, June 10, 2016

This Is Me Still Waiting On A Reply Back

So I wanted to let you folks know that last night we turned in our petition to the council for the proposed treatment center. Yes, I got emotional talking about it as always. It hit me in a moment that here we are standing there trying to convince a group of people our leaders of something we need so badly here for our local people and meanwhile people are still dying and will continue to die. People are still overdosing and that will continue because I wonder just how many of those overdosing are actually still waiting on a bed at a treatment center. I didn't even make it to my main point becauseof thinking about all of that. The point we all need to focus on is that this country already spends $374 Billion Dollars of FEDERAL and STATE money on things like substance abuse, addiction, prevention and treatment. Amazing monetary figure huh? Especially with the problem in this country $374 Billion dollars. Why would we even have a problem then? Yeah I wonder myself. How much of that actual money is being spent on what they say- addiction, substance abuse, prevention and treatment? Well the reality is that only 1.9% of that money is even spent on what it's intended- substance abuse, addiction, treatment and prevention and yet Sen Manchin is proposing a tax increase that bring to that kitty pot slush fund another $2 Billion dollars that he's calling THE LIFEBOAT? Really? Whose Lifeboat? Whose life is he intending to save? What about the money already- the $374 Billion dollars? We don't need more money going unaccounted for. If we took that $374 Billion and divided it equally among all 50 States that would give each state $7.48 million to spend on what it is for- substance abuse, addiction, prevention and treatment. Why are we not questioning our politicians? I have written to the Senators and I'm still waiting for an answer. I feel that this is about how long I'll be waiting on our senators.... and... I haven't even been before the county council yet...

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