Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just Who Is Winning This War On Drugs?

This so called War On Drugs... This has been going on for how long now? So many decades of failures and here we are in the biggest fight of our lives. A heroin epidemic consuming our community.

What the hell are we fighting for anyway?

The war in Afghanistan... Are we fighting against terrorism or are we fighting to protect the poppy fields?

Just what exactly are they fighting?

In all of these years our government has not once stopped the flow of this into our country and they never will until they stop taking money from the sources.

Our government collects billions of dollars a year for the War On Drugs. They claim this money is spent on addiction, abuse, prevention and treatment. Only 1.9% of the billions of dollars even goes on addiction, abuse, prevention and treatment and yet they have the nerve to come to their podiums speak about it to constituents asking for more money from us in taxes?

If you were really fighting the war on drugs you would have burned those poppy fields and continue burning each one that arises. You would start holding those who are flourishing in riches there accountable. Our government has not done any of that.

The money taken to fight this war on drugs. So many eons of time has went by. So many tax dollars going for this and what does our government have to show? Since the year two thousand heroin and opium abuse has exploded because no one stopped the flow of it into this country. Our government knows exactly how it gets into this country. If they say they don't, then they are not true leaders of the country.

The only reason why they are even speaking about Big Pharma companies now is because now it cannot be hidden anymore. It is out in the light for all to see.

People are still addicted and become addicted everyday. Nothing is stopping the flow into this country. It is an absolute mess from the highest political position down the food chain. People in this country have been criminalized for so long over this addiction that it is just now they can see that failure. But, who got rich?

The privatized jails got rich
The states collected and got rich
Our politicians sure made out like bandits in this War on Drugs
Large Pharma got rich
Insurance companies are making bank

Peoples pockets were lined with riches at the cost of losing many lives to heroin, opiate abuse over the past decade.

Oh I would not want to be a politician who made bank on this come judgement day. The blood of all of those souls lost- the tears of all of those families who have suffered will be on the heads of so many people. In my opinion only then will true justice be served when they are standing before their maker.

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