Friday, June 10, 2016

Astounding Figures For Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties

BERKELEY COUNTY, WV From 2001-2014 Berkeley County West Virginia lost 109 people to heroin and opiate addiction.

MORGAN COUNTY, WV From 2001- 2014 Morgan County West Virginia lost 13 people to heroin and opiates addiction.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, WV From 2001-2014 Jefferson County West Virginia lost 28 people to heroin and opiate addiction.

EQUALS: 150 lives lost to heroin and opiate addiction in these three
counties in the last 14 years.


The human lives that have been lost and the families who have suffered a lost and those suffering now because someone they love is addicted to heroin and opiates.

The Fact Is

That heroin and opiate addiction will continue taking more and more lives because of the approach our government has taken over the last fourteen years. In my honest opinion our government is about five years a little late in realizing the BIG PICTURE!!! That we had a real problem here in West Virginia and that Big Pharma went unaccounted for too many years in this state.

The figures here doesn't include the lives lost in 2015
or to date 2016

Data for this post from Data Viz
pic from Wikipedia

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