Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You Are Here

I noticed yesterday that the stats for my blog kind of jumped up a little. If you are new or finding this blog for the first time, and you love someone who loves drugs more you are at the right place.

For those who live locally here in the Panhandle of West Virginia I have links to resources on the side bar as well as you can find information at the top to Recovery Groups, Treatment Resources, and to our local Nar-Anon Group.

At the bottom of the blog are links to read other helpful pages, local information on our heroin epidemic here in Berkeley County/Martinsburg, WV and also some videos.

A few weeks ago our Nar-Anon Group gave a Just For Today Challenge. What can I do to find just a little peace, if only just for today?

I am integrating my Just For Today Challenge along with another challenge with the 365 Ways To Live Happy. If you're interested you can read the daily challenges at,
If you do nothing else today, give yourself permission to smile!

Along the way I share my personal stories about loving a son who uses and abuses heroin. Writing it is my way of letting go of some tears, some anger and all the other emotions associated with having a child who is addicted.

The word 'heroin' became part of our family vocabulary eleven years ago. Not by our choice, but by the choice that one of our children made. For so many years I didn't have the courage to speak out about it. I chose to stay alone because of the stigma of society and those cruel stings.

We just in the last two months was able to accept that our lives had become so unmanageable and say the words, we are powerless over our sons addiction. We did not cause this, we cannot control this, and we sure as heck cannot cure this.

The mother instinct in me wants to control this and fix this and make my child all better again. The reality was accepting I cannot do any of that. Throwing in the towel to admit,
Was one of the hardest things to let go of but we had to, just to take back a portion of our lives.

Little by little we are getting some happiness back into our lives. If you've been here on this side of the addiction you already know the 'insanity' of loving someone using and abusing drugs. Oh, we knew what it was for a lot of years now. We've even called it by it's name, heroin. Yet we stayed on that rollercoaster of insanity without letting go and holding onto anger and grudges.

It took a lot of courage to let go spiritually and allow that a higher power could
Back into our lives.
Allowing that to happen meant giving up more control that our child's addiction had over us. But I'm here now. I know that the Higher Power that I trust in all of this will either catch me when I fall or teach me how to fly.

Grab yourself a comfy seat and take off your shoes...

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