Tuesday, June 28, 2016

That One Small Ray of HOPE We Had

For about a year now our town gave us a little promise, a spattering of HOPE with the purchase of a building for a proposed treatment center right here in our town to treat our local people of addiction.

On Friday, they all but wiped that HOPE away when the county removed the appeal against the City of Martinsburg off of the table. HOPE is now lost because their plan is now even more confusing.

Let me tell you my fight for this treatment center grew stronger and louder in April after listening to the cries of my grandchildren begging for us to please save their dads life. These two kids ages 9 and 11 are terrified that their dad is going to die. They know kids who have lost parents to this disease and these two kids are scared they will lose their dad.

I chose to take a stand and fight for this treatment center for my grandkids.

If I chose to do nothing and something happens to their dad I will forever until I leave this earth have to accept when those two kids tell me, "but you did nothing." I stood up to do something!

It is like fighting a losing battle and in the end should something happen to our son who will answer those questions of, why you did nothing?

And here we are Tuesday June 28, 2016 and people in this town continue to overdose at a much higher rate now and people are still dying losing their battle with their addiction.

I and others on this side of the disease saw a small glimmer of light at the announcement of a Recovery Resource Center however as the days go on I am learning that this won't be an actual recovery center. It will be a place to come and get the information and resources on treatment and addiction.

So, just what in the world is this resource center going to do?

Now, I don't know if they realize this, but we already have the information. We already have the resources.

I've been told that it will also be a meeting place. A meeting place?

In trying to understand just what this place will be I have asked a lot of questions.

Just what is going to be so special about it that hundreds and likely thousands of locals who are addicted will come?

Remember, they can build it but it doesn't mean they will come!

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