Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Are We To Assume This Is How It Works?

We are caught up in the web and snare of this Heroin Epidemic here in this town only because we have a son who is addicted to heroin and opiates. A son who too got caught up in this dark web.

I am so freaking tired of those who say, Not my problem, not my money. We too pay our taxes.

We too pay all the other bureaucratic fees applied on top of that such as for the ambulance and fire when the conversation relates to the use of narcan and naloxone to save lives.

We hear all of those who aren't affected say not my taxes, not my fees- yet we pay ours too!

And here we are caught up through no fault of ours; but that of a loved one addicted to heroin and opiates. A life we more than anything we want to save, but that hangs in the balance.

When none of our questions get answered about how did we get here to this heroin epidemic in Martinsburg and Berkeley County in the first place with the highest of these numbers and statistics

We are left to fill in those blanks ourselves which only leads to more questions...

Honestly and I don't know how many others feel this way, but this is how we imagine our local Establishment... The Money... The pockets with the hands in them....deciding the fate of our town, our people, our loved ones and the future generations of this town...

We picture secret meetings in this town, in dark secret rooms discussing the grandeur just like this...

Is this how it's done in the private rooms? Behind closed doors?

Oh I know. You're saying to yourself, How Silly right?

Not when we are at the levels we are now and we've been here since 1986 with many of the same pockets, and the same money and The Establishment handed down generation to generation... just like in the above clip.

What's the real problem in this town then?

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