Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This Is For Kyle and Carrie

This is for Kyle and Carrie. This song is a big reminder. Our son Kyle had a very good woman who stood by his side for as long as she could. He had a nice life and he let it all go for his abusing drugs.


I just don't get it. I guess it isn't for me to understand. Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of  you and Carrie. Kyle, I told you several years ago when you first met Carrie after all of the bad years in a toxic marriage of using and abusing drugs with your ex. I told you that diamonds are rare and that when you find a diamond, it a treasure to find one. Keep that diamond close to you always because they sometimes only come once in your lifetime.


We wish for all the world when you first knew that he was having trouble maintaining sobriety and had started using and abusing again that you would have reached out to us instead of hiding behind it for a year and a half. We may or may not have been able to intercede at that time. We cannot look back on the shoulda done, the coulda done and the woulda done now.

Loving an addict is a lonely place to be. You continue to care about them while they continue to prove how little they care about themselves and care only for their addiction to the drug. Eventually you have to walk away just to save yourself. We understand why you couldn't hang on.

~His Parents~

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