Friday, June 17, 2016

Challenge Myself: Day #5 Don't Hold a Grudge

Today is Day #5 of the Just For Today Challenge and also the  Live Happy Challenge. Today is about Harboring a Grudge. When I turned the page and saw today's challenge I couldn't believe it. Yesterdays challenge was to change one of our faults and one of my biggest faults is holding onto grudge, anger and resentment. Those were the wolves that I was feeding.

The book says,

Holding onto anger, resentment and hostility hurts you
psychologically, emotionally and physically. Even if the inciting incident happened only yesterday and the person you are so mad and angry at may not even remember the incident, so what's the point?

Don't give over the power to have positivity in your life just to harbor a grudge against someone. Find a way to move past it and move on. Take an anger management class if you have to. Read books offering help and specific strategies for dealing with anger issues. Take extremely good care of yourself, loving and respecting yourself enough to know that you don't flounder but rather flourish.

Yesterday was about changing our faults and again today I am just left with the feeling of WOW with todays challenge of letting go of grudges. I carry a grudge for a couple people over our sons heroin addiction- mainly his ex wife. The only way I can release this is to forgive those people who have hurt not only me but also our family. Our sons heroin abuse has changed our family dynamics in so many ways. It came into our family and robbed us of a child in 2005 leaving us with only the shell of what he used to be. Life for us has never been the same. Life for us will never be the same. I also forgive our son for the poor choices he has made and the damage that the needle has done.

I refuse to give a certain person that power over me for one minute longer.


Just For Today: I will forgive those who have hurt me because I refuse to allow them that power that they have over me.

I will say this every morning when I wake up and every evening before I go to bed. Because honestly it is when I forgive that only then I will find my inner peace that I so need.

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This is from the book, Live Happy

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