Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's Too Late To Turn Back Now

I remember those times of hearing my heart calling but I did not understand it's meaning.

I remember asking the Dear Lord one day, What is it that I should do? Where should I go?

I remember signing onto Facebook and an invite to the Berkeley County Heroin Awareness group- I joined. There I found many just like us yet the calling in my heart only grew louder.

Until one day I asked, What is it that I should do? Lord, lead the way.  As I tried to figure out what exactly I was supposed to be doing the calling in my heart only grew louder.

It was then a post came onto the group by Mr. James Boyd. I sent him a message. Lord if this is the right direction then open the door. I cannot open it all by myself.

What started as one and two soon grew to three. Until one day in April we came together as many.

Many voices with the same hurt and pain in our hearts.

Today we are many. Many faces and many voices. Although the pain is still in our hearts as we struggle with loving someone who loves heroin more step by step, minute by minute and day by day we are getting closer.

Each person I meet, and each story I hear has now become the driving force.

There was no promises that this would be an easy direction to take- yet here we are still standing as many faces and many voices.

The feelings of defeat have been many- yet here we are still standing. Those feelings can be easily be replaced because of where we have been, where we once stood and now where we are going.

That day in April when we stood there we left our footprints on the site that will become the healing ground for those we love.

Those who have lost someone to heroin we don't see them as numbers, we see them as faces looking down on us from heaven and they are smiling.

You know, we cannot go back now. We have come to far in this journey to turn around.

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