Friday, March 10, 2017

Some Of My Older Writings I Have Collected and Want To Share

As you can see from a few of my posts already and actually some of my upcoming posts I have been writing about our heroin epidemic for the past two years now. Back then most were not seeing the epidemic. What I wrote about back then fell on the deaf ears and blind eyes.

I'll be sharing quite a few of those older stories written way back when everyone most likely thought it would never come to this.

I could see this epidemic coming. I'm not a prognosticator or a psychic but I saw this coming a long time ago. No one listened to us way back then. Remember I told you my son who relapsed about a year ago has been using for the past eleven years.

This time around is not my first rodeo at heroinville. I can remember reaching out for help and because my son is what they refer to as "known" Often I have been told, "Oh that piece of trash" with a laugh, a smirk and a turn of the back. That was the treatment years ago when he first started using.

That folks is why I have stayed to myself... Alone... talking to no one. No one listened way back then. Frankly, years ago I heard this a lot, "Just how the hell did they raise that kid anyway?"

So you see, I know the stigma society places on families. I've heard it. I've lived with that stigma. I used to accept it and beat myself up thinking I did something wrong raising my kids. Why? Because I think town members wanted me to think that. Who else should be blamed?

These older stories I wrote may shock some of you. Others may not be as shocked. I worked for several years at a local convenience store here in Martinsburg- early 2000 with the wave of crack still in the area and meth. Before working in the public let me tell you- I was living in a sheltered world. I had no idea that was even in my town. Want a wake up to reality? Work in a convenience store in this town.

There is a reason I do not work and wouldn't work at another convenience store in this town. I plan on sharing that story with you.

Things are a little different now since then I must say. I think the reason is because it is involving more and more people and families each and everyday. They cannot blame parents anymore.

Some of these two year old stories range from Just What Is the War on Drugs? To The War on Pot

Now I'm not advocating for marijuana but I made some good argument two years ago when people actually thought maybe I was just a little off my rocker. Wait until you read them! I've been reading over them and just wait until you see how they fit into Today and our heroin epidemic. I think you'll be a little surprised.

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