Friday, March 3, 2017

Stop the Shame and End The Stigma

Many do not realize that those suffering from addiction are also suffering from depression. The two go hand in hand. Do people really think someone addicted to drugs and other substances wake up each day hoping to continue in their drug use? The answer is no.

When they reach this desperation, we on this side know that all too often the desperation leads to suicide. They are alone. They feel that all hope is gone. They want to get better but the drug has clouded their mind. They hate what their addiction is doing to their family and those who love them. They feel all hope is gone. Their desperation can escalate quickly. They are six times more likely to commit suicide. Their addiction exasperates the likelihood of them taking their own lives.

To those of us who love them, we continue watching as the disease destroys their bodies and their minds. Many times even when they reach out for help they hear, there are no beds available. Many have died from the disease while waiting on a bed.

When we say fear is real, it is real. Those with addiction problems often use the substance they are addicted to as the means

It's time to End the Stigma and Stop the Shame!

Video from YouTube
Suicide: One of Addiction's Hidden Risk
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  1. Such a hard truth. Thanks for sharing.

    Your link works just fine.
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  2. I have never given addiction to a drug any thought in my life but reading your post has made me step back to think on this.