Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekly A-Z Blog Challenge Update

So, this week I have been kicking it up ninja, Gangnam, blog style. I am getting a little nervous because the clock just started ticking. The countdown has begun to the April A-Z Blog Challenge. I am still getting together postings for some of the letters in the alphabet.

If you are interested and would like to guest post there are still a few letters left. They are:

K: (April 13)
P: (April 19)
Q: (April 20)
S: (April 22)
U: (April 25)
X: (April 28)

We are just a few short weeks away from the March 20th Theme Reveal, which means only twelve days until D-Day or April 1st!!!!

Let's see what I've got in my basket of goodies here:

Aspirin for the headache! Check

Bach's Flower for the stress! Check

Wheaties and St. Johns to help me focus! Check

Flintstone Chewable. Wait maybe that is 5 Hr. Energy. I get them confused in the morning. The coffee is getting stronger as I continue to prepare. I am still getting ready, planning and preparing. Time is ticking!!!!!

I have just recently added Google+ to my blog. I absolutely did not want or need another social network added to the daily hype, but have added it in the hopes of sharing my April postings there. I see many other bloggers using the Google+ option.

If anyone is interested, my Google+ link is: Hello, I Am an Addicts Mom. I'll be sharing the links to postings in April.

Other things happening in April:

This blog will celebrate a one year blogiversary during the month of April.

April 24th will the One Year Anniversary of the Memorial and Vigil held at the site of our proposed rehab and treatment facility. Residents Come Together For an Anti-Heroin Memorial and Vigil This year I am planning and hoping for a balloon release during the month of April to mark the one year anniversary.

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