Friday, March 3, 2017

Challenge Myself: Day #201 Create A Happy Work Balance

Today is Day #201 of the Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my daily Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today says, try doing one new thing each week to create a happier work life.

The book says,

If you have to play mind games to psyche yourself up to go to work, it might be time to think about changing jobs. Conversely, if you like your work/job but wished you could enjoy it more, think of one new activity or ritual that you could do each week to create a more harmonious, happier, and productive work life.

For example, maybe you are the type to hit the ground running every morning. Instead of starting to work on your many projects the minute you arrive at work consider starting your day differently. Listen to some music. Spend a few minutes of deep breathing while you concentrate on feelings of being happy, relaxed but focused, prepared, and centered. Shaking up your routine to feel happier can be a good thing.

It used to be working was my disconnect. I could concentrate on something else for a few hours a day. Now, I've noticed that sometimes little things creep into my mind.

Just For Today: I love my job. I need to shake up my routine!

From the book: Live Happy

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